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We fix appliances in Mesquite 7 days a week

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We fix appliances in Mesquite 7 days a week

Appliance Repair in Mesquite TX - (972) 694-7061

Never let your appliance repair needs get pushed to the side.

Many make the mistake of leaving a broken or defective appliance to sit. While the problem might not worsen, the inconveniences of a non-functional appliance become more noticeable by the day. Whether it’s just your dishwasher, or your washing or drying machine, our Mesquite appliance repair team can help you out. Each repair job begins with a diagnosis process.

This is where we check for defective appliance parts, read up on any error codes you get, and go through the process of elimination to identify the cause behind your appliance problems. Then you get a quote for the appliance parts and labor and you can tell us whether you want the repair. We only charge the diagnosis fee for our trip out to your Mesquite TX home if no appliance repair is requested.

In fact, we show our respect to new clients that choose us for their appliance repair in Mesquite TX by taking $20 off their first repair with us. Further, we are quick to retrieve the appropriate appliance parts in Mesquite TX for the job and get back to your residence to have the issue resolved once and for all. So if you need an appliance repair in Mesquite TX, you can count on one of our repair specialists to help you out.

Give us a call and detail the problems you have with your appliance -- if you are getting any error codes, read them to us as this usually gives us a good idea on the cause behind your problem. Regardless of the issue, we will be able to fix it and get out of your way in no time if you pick us to get to your Mesquite TX home and examine your defective appliance!

Customer testimonials, reviews and feedback

We went on vacation last month and let our 16 year old stay home alone. He had friends over and between nachos and pizza the oven broke. He was stressed to the max and could not figure out why a beeping alarm kept sounding off. We called pleading other companies to take our call from a distance, and only your company stood up. Your repair tech was friendly and understanding towards our son and your office staff made handling the bill easy. We went from 10/10 stress to back to enjoying our wonderful vacation ... thank you!

Lacey Z.
Mesquite TX


Appliance Brands We Service

Express Appliance Repair of Mesquite services all major brands of household appliances:

Admiral, Amana, Bosch, Broan, Carrier, Coldspot, Dacor, Danby, InSinkErator, Electrolux, Emerson, Fedders, Friedrich, Frigidaire, GE, Gemline, Goldstar, Haier, Heil, Hotpoint, Jenn Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Koolatron, Krups, Lennox, LG, Magic Chef, Maytag, Modern Maid, Neptune, Oster, Panasonic, Payne, Primier, RCA, Rheem, Roper, Ruud, Samsung, Sanyo, Sears, Sharp, Signature, Speed Queen, Sub-Zero, Summit, Thermador, Viking, Vinotemp, Whirlpool, Westinghouse

Most Popular Appliances We Service

Refrigerator repair in Mesquite TX

No refrigerator repair is impossible -- but it’s really more important to know whether your repair is affordable.

Thankfully, we can take care of your need for a refrigerator repair in Mesquite TX while giving highly competitive rates. A big reason for this is the fact that we don’t have any hidden, sneaky fees.

You pay for our service call if you don’t get a repair, but hiring us means you only pay for your refrigerator repair -- that’s the cost of the labor and refrigerator parts bought to complete the job. Furthermore, you get to enjoy all the savings we receive on refrigerator parts in Mesquite TX through our local parts suppliers. If your part is ordered in instead, we will find the cheapest price beforehand.

However, the replacement parts for most refrigerator models are available in refrigerator parts stores within the Mesquite TX corridor. We can even get parts and complete repairs on older refrigerator models. Although, we do recommend you consider whether its worth repairing or if you should replace the unit as there might not be much life left even after a repair.

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Washer repair in Mesquite TX

Typically when your washing machine lets go you need to hire a professional for your washer repair in Mesquite TX.

Failing to do so could end up costing you a lot in the way of replacement washer parts. Our Mesquite washer repair service has operated within the Mesquite TX area providing successful appliance repairs for many years.

When it comes to dealing with your defective washing machine, we stop at nothing to ensure it gets fixed quickly and affordably. Inquire with us to find out just how soon we can have a repair tech out for your washer repair in Mesquite TX. From the moment we talk over the phone, we will work to find out what exactly is wrong with your washing machine.

We also make sure to send our technicians out in vehicles packed with common washer parts for fast and simple replacement purposes. Meanwhile, we can get washer parts in Mesquite TX from many providers and sometimes at steep discounts, which we give to you. Further, what sets us apart is the fact that we offer the most affordable service you will find in Mesquite TX.

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Dryer repair in Mesquite TX

In desperate need of appliance repair help?

We have a long list of happy Mesquite TX clients who have turned to us when they were in need of dryer repair. We have taken on these repairs in just about the same way each time. It begins with a diagnosis, where we figure out why you are needing dryer repair in Mesquite TX.

This is where we look through your appliance for signs that any of the dryer parts need replaced. We then give you an idea on how much your entire dryer repair will run. This amount is dependent on what we must pay for the dryer parts in Mesquite TX and how much labor our repair professional must provide.

We provide the fairest rates for Mesquite dryer repair, but you are welcome to compare us with others that offer dryer repair in Mesquite TX before committing to your repair. Through word-of-mouth marketing, we have amassed a loyal clientele that consists of both commercial and residential clients. Whenever your appliance stops working properly, we can have one of our repair gurus out in no time to take a look.

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Dishwasher repair in Mesquite TX

A malfunctioning dishwasher should be attended to right away.

The problems you are facing could easily worsen within just a few weeks. While it seems like a poorer performance is no big deal, the truth is it will make all the difference in your dishwasher repair experience.

It is the difference between having to replace a minor part, and needing to take out and put in many new dishwasher parts. The latter can be quite costly, but catching the problem and going about the dishwasher repair in Mesquite TX as soon as it’s noticed will save you a lot. Either way, what you are faced when we send you the bill is no different; you will get invoiced based on what we pay for dishwasher parts to fix your machine, and the relevant service labor to get it done.

For fairness purposes, we use estimated amounts for part costs at first but ultimately charge the same as we pay when we get your dishwasher parts in Mesquite TX from a local supplier. Many other Mesquite TX based appliance repair services will bill the same way, but their labor fees are often jacked up.

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Freezer repair in Mesquite TX

What is stopping you from getting your broken or poorly performing freezer repaired?

At the very least, why have you not gotten it examined by a professional Mesquite freezer repair provider? Chances are, whatever you need done to get it back into pristine shape is not going to cost you very much.

The only way it will is if you need a rare freezer part, or if you end up hiring the wrong person or company. Some that offer freezer repair in Mesquite TX will mark-up a lot of costs, such as the amount for freezer parts. This leaves you with a huge bill, meanwhile, we would of been able to do the same job for much less.

We offer affordable freezer repair services to Mesquite TX because our rates are made up from the price of your freezer parts and our technician’s labor charge. This is not only the most respectable way to charge our clients f, but it is also the cheapest way to price your freezer repair. Just think, our technician will be invoicing you his rate and then only what he pays for the freezer parts in Mesquite TX from a local parts store, not some premium rate decided because of the required travel.

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Oven repair in Mesquite TX

Are you curious about what your oven repair would cost, but you don’t want to commit without knowing?

While we cannot give an exact price quote over the phone, chances are you will be happy with the rates if your oven repair in Mesquite TX is managed by one of our repair pros. A big reason for this is because we charge our Mesquite TX clients according to the repair labor provided.

As far as the oven parts are concerned, the retail cost will be repaid by you and nothing more. There’s no need to worry when coming to us for your oven repair in Mesquite TX, as there are no dirty charges waiting around the corner. Since you know what you can expect to face, all it comes down to is the actual amount you have to spend on the oven parts that need replaced.

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Range/Stove repair in Mesquite TX

Whenever you need a stove repair service, what do you do?

The best thing to do is contact a professional to start off your range repair in Mesquite TX right away. Nothing is more important than making sure any of the malfunctioning stove parts as soon as issues are noticed.

No matter how meaningless the stove repair might seem right now, it will make all the difference in the longevity of certain other stove parts. This is because many of the different range parts are linked together somehow, and a hindrance in the performance of one of the parts can cause issues for other range parts.

In the worst case scenario, you end up not requesting a stove repair in Mesquite TX from a professional and you leave the problem until the computer board fails out. If this happens, you can expect to pay a lot more for the stove parts in Mesquite TX then you would of if you paid for the simpler fix when the issue was first noticed.

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Express Appliance Repair of Mesquite in Mesquite TX tip

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Are you buying a new appliance that has already been recalled before? If so, you need to be careful where you shop -- most retailers do not keep up with the latest recalls and carry defective warranty in their inventory. If the store fails to spot the product recall, you could end up buying a defective unit and being forced to manage the recall yourself. This is definitely not a good start with a new appliance, so consider checking to see if any new (or used) appliance is under recall before you buy it.


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